“Fire in the hole”



For the creation of my art installation ‘Partitions’ I worked together with two assistants specialized in traditional Indian terra-cotta. To control the workflow and ensure the best quality we built a field oven near my studio. It took several months, 750 kg of freshly kneaded and carefully modeled clay, a 1000 kg wood, fire & smoke to create about 75 terra-cotta objects. After firing they were ready for the last steps to completion. Using different kinds of materials, like fresh mud, shellac, iron & marble powder, natural indigo and acrylics I applied ‘a second skin’.

Great experience and lot’s of fun!

See the finished ‘Partitions’ here

TerracottaBW-15      TerracottaBW-13

TerracottaBW-6      TerracottaBW-4

TerracottaBW-5     TerracottaBW-3

TerracottaBW-12       TerracottaBW-14