According to Mark Verdoes (The Hague, 1960) art should be an experience that forces the mind to transcend the obvious. In his contemporary vision, Verdoes contemplates the position of human kind in the cosmos. His work is a reflection on how he perceives the world, in which all is changing shape continuously.

In his unique blend of techniques and materials, the guided coincidence plays a major role. Nature is the main driving force behind everything. He crafts the elements, eagerly using the unpredictability of air (heat) and water. Many of the required techniques have been developed in-studio, for example his methodology to integrate photography, paint and his unique procedure to capture the natural process of cracking mud.

Mark Verdoes started his career as a photographer for the magazines Esquire, Avantgarde and others. Following his need for artistic freedom made him into a versatile, multi-disciplinary artist with exhibitions from the early nineties onwards. Over time, he has built an oeuvre strongly inspired by the Tao and nature.

1997-1999 Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
1985-1988 Photographic design, MTS Photograhy & Photonica, The Hague

Mark Verdoes lives and works in the Netherlands.